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Want to try something fun, playful, high with adrenaline rush yet intimate? Try PRIMAL play.

By its name, Primal play is about unleashing your inner animalistic instincts into scene play. So bye-bye civilization and welcome silly, messy, raw, rough play, where the players can leave the strict label, role, and protocol behind and embrace the essence being a predator or prey.

Primal play is part of resistance play category, where the submissive/prey is resisting the dominant/predator. The resistance play category includes:
- Rape fantasy
- Interrogation play
- Abduction play

Forget about being a Master/Mistress/Dom/Domme/slave/submissive. There are only two labels in Primal play: Predator and prey.

Predator is the one who attempts to capture the prey.
Prey is the one who is being captured by the predator.

There is no easy prey.  So predator must EARN their title by pursuing, taking down his/her prey using physical strength, fear control, tactics, or power of seduction.

And the prey are welcome to run away and fight back the predator.

Play tools
Let's back to basic, we can use teeth, nails, hair, skin, tongue, hands, feet, mouth, nose instead of factory made play tools. Player can do running, jumping, wrestling, pulling hair, scratching, nipping, biting, sniffing, licking, tickling, growling, clawing, and snarling to each other during the play. 

Dress up for the play is encouraged too. Player can wear animal printed materials or headpiece/mask. Just let your imagination free.

Primal play with all resistance plays are under RACK - Risk Aware Consensual Kink or Risk Accepted Consensual Kink. Meaning, all parties involve should understand, accept the risks that might occur during the scene. And, like always, the play is consensual.

First hand experience
I once watched others playing Primal play indoor in a play party. After some reading and asking around, me and my Dom agreed to have my first Primal play weeks later in group indoor theme play. 

As first timer I found  it fun because as a prey I was excited with the running - hiding - chasing down - fighting back scenario. The anticipation of being captured in the end amazingly increased the intensity of the play and pumped my andrenaline to maximum level. Plus  some of lol yet intimate moments with my Dom  and couple of marks in return to my favors to him, I definately vote this play as 'Highly Recommended' for our future play list.  

Since then we had couple more Primal play scenes, mostly outdoor, during snowless winter, hot summer through fall. I can say that outdoor scene is much more fun with more area to explore.

Some points to consider before playing Primal play:

* Learn as much as you can about Primal play before entering the scene.  This will give you idea what to expect, to avoid, and to negotiate later.

* Playing with your regular play partner or your Dom/sub is highly recommanded.

* Some Dominant - Sadist admitted that Primal play requires additional amount of self control than normal scene where the play partner is being restrained, because the resistance from the prey would trigger impulsive  reactions. So precaution is required guys.
* Negotiate the limits in details. Example:
>>> what actions are hard limits: biting,  scratching, tickling, pulling hair, etc.
>>> what area of the body are off limits: face, wrist, arms, belly...? 
>>> what type of marks/bruises are off limits: biting marks, light bruises, one week's bruises?
>>> what sort of  derogatory words or sentences to avoid. For some 'pet', 'kitten' or 'kitty' words are not acceptable no matter how cute they sound. 

* Establish your safe word clearly. Additional safe word for 'Pause' can be useful especially for outdoor play. I use 'White' as 'Pause' when a carefree bird incidently dropped its treasure right on top of my head, that I need to take a break to wash it clean before continuing the play. Or when a graceful yet determinded swan decided to abandon his flock and include himself into chasing game with me, that I had to run back to my Dom Predator for rescue.

* Primal play is NOT necessarily rough. It can be intimate and seductive. Or tricky, with traps.

*  Please inform your Dungeon Monitor well before starting your Primal Play. The DM is there to ensure no one is getting hurt beyond what is agreed. So let's lend him/her a helping hand as much as we could.

* Aftercare package including drinking water and energy refill snack are highly required. Also standard first aid kit.

* One last thing, should you have allergy reactions to outdoor elements such as: pollen, bees, outdoor insects, or others, please inform your play partner well and prepare for precaution like bringing along the necessary antihistamine. Or just play indoor.

Once all set, I wish you an adventurous fun loving play ahead mate!

xoxo - your fun lovers!

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